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Madonna di Campiglio in the summer turns, the snow melts and uncovers a world of enchanting lakes, streams, paths through the woods ... a world of discovery. Here are some excursions in Madonna di Campiglio and the mountains that surround it.


The tour of the Empress

The tour start from the church of Madonna di Campiglio (1550 m) along the path you come to the square of the Empress Sissi, historically interesting and recognizable by a notch in the rock, in a vantage point overlooking Madonna di Campiglio. Continue to Fevre Hut (1958 m) and then to the mountain spine (2,104 m). _ You can get more easily using the Monte Spinale Spinale comfortable cabin, and down through Malga Fevre in Madonna di Campiglio. Easy path all downhill. _ Dal Monte Spinale, you can go down the slope on the left, until you reach the hut Montagnoli (1804 m), continue until the departure of the gondola Grostè (1,646 m), turn left on the "Path of the Caves" with return Madonna di Campiglio (1550 m).


The gardens of the Queen's

Start from the arrival of the gondola Departure Grostè (2442 m) wide path that winds down along the ski-run, at the foot of the Stone-Grande by Rifugio Giorgio Graffer (2261 m) along the path you can reach the "Gardens of the Queen" (2472 m), interesting area for the presence of fossils of ancient origin and for the remarkable variety of flowers. You return to the same path Graffer Hut (2261m), and then return to Campo Carlo Magno (1.682m) with the cable Grostè of the station, or on foot.


Malga Vagliana e Vaglianella

Departure from the parking lot of the cable car Grostè (1646 m) on an easy road in the direction of the Refuge Graffer, right along the golf course until the crossroad in Poza Vecia, turn left onto dirt road to reach the hut Vaglianella (1828 m), continuing to climb beautiful pasture Vagliani Hut (1973 m). You can return to the same street to the Vaglianella, turning right at the foot of the Val Gelada, until Mondifrà Hut (1629 m), returning to nuclear Grostè (1646 m).



Tour of Falls Vallesinella

Charming path that winds through wooded areas of pine, larch and beech trees, to the beautiful waterfalls Vallesinella Vallesinella Middle and High, with characteristic paths formed by suspended bridges. Departure from Madonna di Campiglio (1550 m) on the Bear Trail in Palu area, towards the hut above Vallesinella (1681 m) across from High Falls descend down to Vallesinella Refuge (1513 m) and then to the Middle Falls ( 1400 m) with return to Madonna di Campiglio (1550 m), through the convenient "path of the Middle Falls."


Tour of the 5 lakes (Ritorto, Lambin, Serodoli, Gelato, Black)

in a path that winds among granite beautiful mountain lakes. There are different routes depending on the place of departure. - Check Cable 5 lake (2123 m) and on to Lake Ritorto (2055 m) and clockwise to Lake Lambin (2324 m), Lake Serodoli (2370 m), Ice Lake (2393 m), Lake Black (2236 m) and Lake Nambino (1768 m) with return to Madonna di Campiglio (1,550 m) on foot. Total climb: 320 m. Descending: 720 m - Departure from Patascoss (1737 m) ascent to the Refuge Pancugolo (2123 m), then continue to Lake Ritorto (2055 m), then in a clockwise direction for all other lakes, is returning to the same starting point (1,737 m). Gradient in ascent and descent: 583 m.

- Departure from Twisted Hut (1747 m), an exceptional vantage point on the Brenta, continuing up to the beautiful lake (2055 m) and then continue clockwise to the other lakes. Gradient in ascent and descent: 573 m. - Departure from the Plains to the Nambino beautiful lake (1768 m), continue to Lake Serodoli (2370m) and counterclockwise for all the other lakes. Gradient in ascent and descent: 746 m.


Nambino Lake

Start at the "Casa delle Guide" along the ski-run until the plane of Nambino; go up to Lake Nambino (1768 m) and the return is made with easy path into the woods to Patascoss Hut (1737 m), then declined to Madonna di Campiglio (1550 m). You can reach the lake from the Plain of Nambino reached by car in 20 minutes.


Malghette Lake

Easy walk suitable for all. Just north of Passo Campo Carlo Magno (1,682 m) on the left in the direction of Palu Fava begins the path through the forest of the Palu Fava to leave the hut to the right of Vigo (1,800 m). Zigzagging on a path uphill, we reach the beautiful Lake Malghette (1,890 m) at the hut of the same name. ... Come and discover all the other tours and walks in Madonna di Campiglio.



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